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The webshop for your Sur-Ron upgrades.

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I myself am a motorcyclist in heart and soul for +10 years.

During this period, off-road riding has become a real passion. After a test ride with the Sur-Ron Light Bee I was immediately convinced of its qualities.

As a proud owner of a Sur-Ron I already have a lot of experience in upgrading and I got a clear picture of quality products.

These are articles that you will find in my webshop.

There are promotions on regular base, so definitely worth a visit.

Be sure to keep an eye on the webshop, the range keeps expanding!


With a few minor adjustments, the Sur-Ron is an awesome machine for off-road riding.

Some examples of this are:

- Reinforcement and protection

- Seating position adjustments (ergonomics)

- Larger sprockets for more pulling power

- Maintenance parts like innertubes, bearings, primary belt, ...

- Real MX wheels made for Sur-Ron

- Controller for more power

- 72v Batterys to make a beast out of your Sur-Ron


Available brands:

- Gruber-Parts

- Ergotec

- Excel rims

- SMPro Platinum

- WARP9 Racing (US import)

- NTC Designs (US import)

- Torp

- Nucular