High quality MX wheels - different sizes

Those 19"-19" stock set-up.....well 🙈. They are way to small , they easy bend, the nipples crumble,...and they just don't ride well (ergonomicly) I don't like them :-)


We only work with SmPro and Excel, high quality brands proven in MX and Enduro. Every wheel is build on quality SmPro hub (Excel doesn't make hub for Sur-Ron).


Are you a serious offroader? Or maybe you like riding street, supermoto style? 🤪🤙

We can deliver you the wheels in sizes you want!  With many colors possible!


check out some of b.E-Weels realisations below!

please note, not every size is possible due to most MX wheels are 32H, Sur-Ron hub is 36H. Some rims are not made in 36H from Excel or SmPro


These sets are custom made, so will have to be pre-ordered

I will time by time receive a set in stock, it will be mentioned on this page.

Prices vary on brand, options,... Send me message for a quote or with questions

0032470 06 95 62 (whatsapp)

Or via contact form on the website


Contact me for prices


21" front wheel 

19" front/rear wheel 

18" rear wheel 

16" rear wheel 

14" SMPro set, supermoto/pitbike


All widths available, 1.60, 1.85. Also 2.15. Rear wheels are pre-dished

This is real MX quality wheels, completely SmPro or Excel build with hub adapted for Sur-Ron!


REAL LEAD TIME: 4-5 weeks (lately more difficult to predict and sometimes it takes a bit longer, but most of the times they arrive earlier)


Website will be updated with stock