Rear Sprockets - Different Brands

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Rear Sprockets b.E-Wheels- PIC1-3

New sprockets arrived....and aren't they beautifull 😍. I love the color. Picture doesn't do it justice. No blink black but more matt like black. Very cool.

T64 black..ultimate torque power!

T58 black and silver available

€61 euro plus EU, UK shipping

Material: T6061 aluminium. Strong and lightweight!

Can also be sold as package deal:
- front T14 from DirtyBike
- rear T64 or T58
- rk takasago mx chain...cut to correct size. Plug and play

So complete final drive in one package. Save 5%, follow this link:


Rear Sprockets Gruber-Parts - PIC 4-6

Sizes: T52, T56, T60, T64

Material: AIMg3 aircraft Aluminium

Colors: Alu, Black


Chain compatible chart - PIC 11