Maintenance (bearing service kits, brake pads, innertubes, belts)




Maintain your Sur-Ron bike with following products.

Bearing service kits (pic 1-2)

Front wheel (€ 29) and rear wheel (€ 34) bearing service kit. Complete sets


Shimano Saint Zee Metal H03C Brake Pads (pic3-4)

Serious upgrade against stock pads. More stopping power!

No more squeeking, and they will last much longer. This is the version with the cooling fins, and will fit in stock brake calipers.


Heavy Duty innertube (pic 5-6)

Heidenau heavy duty innertube for 19" wheels.Often forgotten, but always important, Heidenau’s tubes are of a quality that's hard to beat 

less more chance to get a flat. Switch to heavy duty now!


Primary belt (pic 7)

Primary drive belt

If you want to upgrade to primary chain conversion kit, please contact me. I can order this and let you know delivery time.