Extreme Enduro Skidplate


New bashguard on the market for the real hard enduro fans....INDESTRUCTABLE!

Rubber included to push your connectors back and protect them even more from water and debries!


The "Extreme Enduro Skidplate"


Handcrafted to perfection. Hand machined and welded in the Netherlands!

Every single piece is tested and mounted on Sur-Ron for perfect fit. 

Extra long, full coverage!

No more clips needed due to welded nut on the inside!


This is it....THE indestructable bashguard.
You like extreme enduro, challenging and rocky terains?.....this is must have mod.


- ultra strong and durable 8mm high density polyetheen plastic

- combined with strong steel that received multiple layers of rust proofing

- Rubber (with Zipties) included to push all connectors back.


PLUG and PLAY: Rubber is mounted with bottom screws/holes of the controller, then pulled back to the rear to ziptie it to the frame. Please see pics


Keep on riding hard  🤙💪