NTCdesigns reinforced footpgebracket + adjustable kickstand (black)


Ntcdesigns is high quality Sur-Ron upgrade from USA. Those parts are always sooo.....nice 😍😍. Look the combo in pic2😍

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Belgium located, EU shipping. No custom fees for you!


Pacakge includes:

1) Ntcdesigns reinforced foorpegprackts (black), offcourse with stickstand option

No more bending of even breaking you brackets....then it's game over in the middle of nowhere, we all been there


(2) Ntcdesigns kickstand (black) - awesome product when you start adjusting the geometric from your surron, smaller wheel, bigger wheel, bigger surron, this kickstand will work always!


Only 1 set left with black kickstand, 1 set with silver kickstand

Do get yours now!