b.E-Wheels reinforced triangel + Warp9 reinforced linkage

€190.00 €172.50

The one and only b.E-Wheels reinforced triangel!

Milled out out of 1 single piece T7075 aluminium. No fancy cut-outs or "reliëfs" but just one solid, sturdy triangel.


Tested in extreme situations and i can honnostly say it is one of the stongest on the market 💪

Thikness: 22mm across the whole part which makes it indestructable


Package includes:

- b.E-Wheels reindorced triangel

- Warp9 reinforced triangel, 1.50", magnesium color. In my opinion the nicest color and goes well with the black triangel!


Protect your suspension parts, protect your surron. And why not start now....and save 10%....yes 10%


2 sets available!!