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Torp TC500


I have tested my fair amount of different controllers and i can honnest say...i love this little TC500!



Most plug and play controller i came across. No "extensions" needed or removal from parts, just plug and play. Torp claims this is installed in 20 mins....well, they are correct. 

This works with stock surron display or with an app, so you can mount this on your handlebar. They are working on a display that can be plugged in later!


App is very responsive and easy to use. You have a few settings (would be nice to have more), but hey...doesn't this means it is easier to use, as plug and play as possible! You can't do anything wrong with these settinngs/app, and offcourse you receive B.E-Wheels service!


More details can be found on website from Torp Motors!


Controller upgrades makes your bike NON road legal. This package is only allowed on private tracks or motorsport used tracks!