Nucular 24F


Still my favourite controller! I tested a lot of controllers, loved a few off them....but this nucular one stole my heart!

Biggest win for Nucular is the display where you can change all your settings...and you can change so much. So much possibilities with a nucular 24f with a few clicks on the display. You can even heat the display in cold days to anti-fog the screen 😀, yeah, endless. Also all the logs that can be find in the favourite.


The nucular 24f comes straight from nucular and will be delivered like that. All (display, display mount,...) is  included


We throw in a regen thumb throttle, pre-crimped for the display. Plug and play.....again, one of the reasons of nucular and why i lof this controller 😍 

Offcourse the 24f is equiped with surron motor connectors!


More info can be found on nucular technologies website, or contact me for questions!


Controller upgrades makes your bike NON road legal. This package is only allowed on private tracks or motorsport used tacks!